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▶▶▶ World Best Professional Scuba Diving App,

By the creator of BikeMate and other mate series, ZeroOne MIA. Requested by many diver’s around the globe, DiveMate has been created.

DiveMate has many useful functions like dive log management, dive planner, and nitrox calculator. It also has share function to share your logs and location information (resort, shop, hotels, etc) between fellow divers around the globe.

▶▶▶ Features ◀◀◀

✔ Write dive logs

 - Record location information of dive points

 - Write logs faster using our paging based log input system

 - Record and contain route to your dive logs

 - Insert photos and videos of your diving buddies

 - Insert photo or video of your diving instructors

 - Record view that shows your best records like deepest dive, longest dive.

✔ Waypoints

 - Supports many different ways to create waypoints

 - Many categories for categorize waypoints

 - Contain photos to your waypoints

✔ Attach route to your dive logs

 - Record routes to attach to your dive logs

✔ Share your dive logs and waypoints to facebook and twitter

 - Share your logs and waypoints using facebook and twitter

 - Send your mashup links using email and SMS

✔ Search waypoints and logs shared by divers all around the globe

 - Search dive logs to learn from other divers who dived at certain points.

✔ Dive planner

 - Displays pressure group using dive depth and time.

 - Input rest time to calculate pressure group information for your next dive.

 - Above process can be repeated for planning your dive schedule.

 - It shows and warns you about dangers and you can easily change its settings to safer level just by clicking the information button.

✔ Nitrox calculator

 - Easy calculation using our intuitive controls.

 - Dangers are clearly marked as two colors (orange, red).

✔ Other functions

 - Full support for iPhone4s high resolution (retina) display.

 - Cool titles rewarded for your diving records.

 - Supports profile to input your previous dive counts show off your experience.

>> Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

>> RunMateGPS is exclusively designed and optimized for your iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4

>> ZeroOne MIA Inc. are always listening to our customers in quest of improving our softwares. Please do not hesitate send emails to support@01mia.com for any suggestions, bug report, or ideas for improvements.
Please visit our site http://divemate.01mia.com for more information about DiveMate or our any other products.